Level up your contact center

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Do you want to know how to...

  • substantially improve your NPS?

  • convert churners into loyal fans?

  • push your sales to new heights?

  • boost your up & cross selling activities with minimal effort?

  • enhance the cost of service at each customer contact?

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LevelX4 level up your contact center

01 Analysis Copy


Get key insights on your contact center.

02 Maturity Score Copy

Maturity score

An objective score rating your contact center’s current state and a view on its future successful development.

03 9 ways to win copy

9 Ways to win

9 domains to analyze the core of your contact center. Strategy and People. And 7 more.

04 To improve is to chnage Copy

To improve is to change

39 assessment topics guide you to a detailed improvement project.

05 Your priority list Copy

Your priority list

The first 15 game changing opportunities for your contact center and how to tackle them effectively.

06 Easy does it Copy

Easy does it

Invite your team to deliver input and feedback, while you easily consult your contact center’s analysis online.

Small Steps, Big Impact

01. Involve

1) Admin


Involve different profiles in the assessment to get an honest picture of your organization.

02. Assess

2) Yes Mouse


No hours of meetings or complicated surveys! Simply agree or disagree: let’s start swiping!

03. Consolidate

3) Consolidate


Opinions differ, that’s no secret. But identifying these differences and working towards a consensus, that’s what makes a shared vision.

04. As Is

4) As is

As is

Get a clear and detailed overview of how your organization is doing today. Identify the pain points and opportunities.

05. Roadmap

5) Roadmap


Algorithms based on years of experience and knowledge in the field give personalized recommendations towards a useful roadmap.

The story behind LevelX4

LEVELX4 is an online assessment DIY tool for both inhouse and outsourced contact centers. The assessment investigates the maturity level of contact centers based on 9 distinct domains. The result is a clear view on the current performance of your customer contact center and – most importantly – the areas of improvement. A priority list indicates the  domains that need to be addressed first to have the biggest impact on the organization in terms of operational efficiency, customer experience and commercial performance. This plan will continuously improve the processes and results of your contact center. With significant impact for all stakeholders.


LEVELX4 has been developed by THoCC based on their 14 years real-life experience. With more than 280 assessments the model has proven its merit and has been digitalized into the DIY-platform LEVELX4.